Thursday, April 12, 2018

"Mistakes Don't Define You" by Shawn Ryan Randleman

Mistakes Don't Define You

I’m 35 years old and despite the small amount of success, I’ve experienced over the years…I can’t count how many mistakes I’ve made along my journey. Whether right or wrong it was just what I was feeling at the time, but it did not define who I was. It taught me how to learn from my mistakes and become a better person over time. People may judge or label you for your mistakes, but your mistakes are just for a moment no matter how big it was!

My mother & father taught me that every great man makes big mistakes! It’s all about how quickly you learn from these mistakes. It’s about the effort you put towards fixing those mistakes, that counts more than the mistake itself. Please name me one man, who has not made repeated mistakes. Until they got the answer which changed their lives for good. You must live free and know you're going to make mistakes on your journey to who you want to become. Always remember you’re your own version of perfection don’t let mistakes slow you down from your destiny

...Let me explain this further, please listen to my 2-minute lesson:

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

"Every Next Level Requires A Different You" from Shawn Ryan Randleman

"Every Next Level Requires A Different You”

...I’ve learned that despite every failure and victory in my life. At each new level of life, it requires a new me! Remember the saying...”You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” or the biblical saying...”You can’t put new wine in old wine sack!” Many of us have an old dog or wine sack mentality towards building ourselves to the next level! How do we change our mindset to reach the next level?

You must learn how to shake off old bad traits and habits. Bring on new ones that are going to help you succeed to the next level of your life. Don’t get stuck in a circle!... Let me explain this further, please take a minute and listen to my 60-second podcast:

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

"What Is Love?" From My Experience Series by Shawn Ryan Randleman

What is Love?... 

When we are truly engaged in giving and receiving love, we don’t ponder such philosophical questions. Our hearts take cues from our senses. Everything we see, hear taste, touch or smell teaches us about our universe.

So when you meet a person who becomes your “universe”,  you know you're truly in love...The Hebrew word for love, Ahavah, reveals this true definition of love, for the word Ahavah is built upon the root consonants h‑v, which means “to give.” In order for love to be real love, it has to be expressed as an action…

So today I want to talk about the word people use to loosely called “Love”… take some time and learn something new:

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Saturday, April 12, 2014

"Time Is Non-Refundable Use It With Intention" From My Experience Series by Shawn Ryan Randleman

“Time Is Non-Refundable Use It With

You only get one life! Many times we believe we have an unlimited amount of time, but no matter how old you are your time is limited. The biggest waste of time is spending it on family, friends, people, and things. Which usually amounts to nothing towards getting you ahead with your purpose...

Let me explain this further, please listen to my 60-second lesson:

Friday, April 12, 2013

"Be Yourself But Listen For Change..." From My Experience Series by Shawn Ryan Randleman

Several years ago I read two books which change my life from Dr. John C Maxwell. The first book was "Think for Change" it taught me, people, who really want change don't give excuses for why they are still in the same place today. They don't use the word "try" and don't blame the past for the present moment! 

The second book which CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER as a coach and consultant is "Relationship 101". It taught me you can not teach a person who does not listen. No matter how great a teacher you may be! is a small excerpt from his book for some clarity...

“I once heard a story about a tennis pro who was giving a lesson to a new student. After watching the novice take several swings at the tennis ball, the pro stopped him and suggested ways he could improve his stroke. But each time he did, the student interrupted him, gave a different opinion of the problem, and stated how it should be solved. After several interruptions, the pro began to nod his head in agreement.

When the lesson ended, a woman who had been watching said to the pro, “Why did you go along with that arrogant man’s stupid suggestions?”

The pro smiled and replied, “I learned a long time ago that it is a waste of time to try to sell real answers to anyone who just wants to buy echoes .”

That statement my friends complete changing the way I run my business!

Excerpt From: John C. Maxwell. “Maxwell 101 Collection.” Thomas Nelson, 2010-09-10. iBooks. This material may be protected by copyright.